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The Queensland Branch of the Leghorn Club of Australia grew from a vision of the late Noel Matthews, who organized a special feature show at the Boonah Showgrounds in 1979 and again in 1980. It consisted of the breeds he had been involved with over his life time, mainly Leghorns, Ancona, Rhode Island and Langshan.

 Shortly after the show was moved to Gatton until the late 1980’s when it outgrew the Gatton Pavilion.  In the early 1980’s, the Langshan Club moved their show to Caboolture and was replaced by the newly formed Pekin Club. In the late 1980’s the show was too big for the Gatton Pavilion so it was moved to its present home at Rosewood.  Since his passing in 1985, this show has been known as the Noel Matthews Memorial Show.

 At the time of his passing, Mr. Matthews had the organization in place for the 1986 Gatton Show, which was then in danger of being discontinued.

 In early 1986, a group of Leghorn breeders in the Oakey area got together and decided to take over the running of this show.  Those present were Kev Ritter, Max Kratzman, Fred Jannusch, Ken Chapman, Ray Leschke and Wayne Potter.

 An official meeting of those present at the 1986 show, under the chairmanship of the then President of the Leghorn Club of Australia, Mr. John Arnett, decided to form the Queensland Branch with the financial support of the Leghorn Club of Australia.  Mr. Kevin Ritter was the first President and Show Secretary and Mr. Max Kratzman was elected Secretary-Treasurer.

 Since the relocation to Rosewood, the show has gone from strength to strength with an average of over 300 entries over the past fifteen years.  In the formative years, the percentage of large fowl was around 60% with bantams at 40%.  Recently these numbers have been reversed in common with the trends nation wide.

 Whites are still the most popular colour with Browns, Blacks and Blues well supported.  All other colours are exhibited in reasonable numbers and some are of good quality and not too far off pushing for higher awards.  Recently, cuckoos are undergoing a popularity surge.

 At the 2004 Annual Meeting, Kev tendered his resignation as Branch President due to ongoing health problems.  In his letter of resignation, he nominated the Show Secretary, Mrs. Pat Bowles as President.  Pat was duly elected and continued on in the position until July 2008, when Pat had to step down due to a commitment to another organization, which would prevent her from attending the annual show for few years. Mr. Darren Collier, from Tenterfield in Northern New South Wales, was elected President of the Queensland Branch in 2008 and is still serving in this role.

 A pleasing feature of the Branch’s show over recent years is the number of younger exhibitors coming forward with good quality exhibits.  Exhibitors travel from a wide area to Rosewood each year coming from Central Queensland, Gold Coast hinterland in Queensland and from the Northern Rivers areas, Lismore region and the New England Area of New South Wales.

 With such a diverse group of fanciers from such a vast area making the annual pilgrimage to Rosewood on the second Saturday in July, we can look forward to many more grand shows and the Queensland Branch going from strength to strength.

                                                                        Contributed by Mrs Pat Bowles.